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UK Charter for Science and Society

Our Principles

Strategic Commitment

PRINCIPLE 1: Organisations adopt a strategic commitment to improving the relationship between science and society

1. Demonstrate transparency, accountability and trustworthiness

2. Demonstrate courage and confidence in leading and participation, support and encourage champions and ensure visibility

3. Embed science and society in mission statements, key strategies and operational plans to provide focus, meaning, emphasis and support


Implementation and Practice

PRINCIPLE 2: Organisations and individuals are enabled to participate in activities and have appropriate training, support and opportunities

 1. Foster effective collaboration, look for opportunities to work with others, find resource efficiencies, share knowledge and ideas, and co-ordinate activity

2. Focus on whom to involve, target new audiences, embrace diversity and inclusivity, be sensitive to audience needs and perspectives, and engage with others where they naturally congregate

3. Be willing and able to react when there is an opportunity to raise the profile of science in periods of heightened interest

4. Identify and acquire skills, behaviours and personal qualities needed to participate in science and society activity

Evaluation and impact

PRINCIPLE 3: The signatories and supporters undertake to monitor and evaluate impact in order to continuously improve the relationship between science and society across the UK

1. Embed robust, challenging and outcomes focused evaluation and learning in all activity

2. Welcome critical evaluation as an opportunity to improve

3. Celebrate success and work with others to develop and share good practice